Archively is for collecting, organizing and sharing research about people

Why you should be using Archively

There is no algorithm for engagement. In today’s competitive market, the right research on a person can provide the only meaningful chance of cutting through the noise. Web research gives us a trail of links - social sites, articles, videos - that together paint a fuller picture about who a person is. The process itself is valuable. Archively allows you to curate and organize your research about people in a visual, simple way, saving time, eliminating repetitive work, and allowing you to build your own personal people search engine.

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  • barchart

    Spreadsheets are for numbers. Archively is for people

    Simple, visual, intuitive interface.

  • users

    You need to know about people outside of your “network”

    Create digital dossiers of publicly available information on your prospects.

  • tags

    You know what is relevant

    Archively was built for your workflow.

  • search

    It should be simple to search

    All your research, in one place, organized how you want it, when you need it.